You Jump, i Jump is a pop group from Minneapolis, MN featuring two former members of the band All The Right Moves.  The duo joined forces in 2011, looking for another creative musical outlet.  Being a part of the music scene for over 15 years each, both Dustin and Braden each had interesting flavors and talents to bring to the table.  The two decided to gives things a run as a dually fronted project and fuse their styles together.

Throughout 2012, the band worked vigorously in the studio on a debut full-length album, Reckless, which is available as of May 3, 2013.  “The album fuses together everything we love about music”, Dustin explains, “catchy melodies, heart-felt lyrics, vocal harmonies.. it’s like nothing we’ve done before in any project we’ve been a part of.”  The debut album is 11 seamless tracks, every song flowing into the next, working together to form one cohesive piece of audio art.

Hitting the ground running in 2013, You Jump, i Jump will be especially appreciated by fans of Mayday Parade, Mariana’s Trench, Jimmy Eat World, and Go Radio.

Braden Ashworth (Guitar/Vocals) | TWITTER
Dustin Phillips (Guitar/Vocals) | TWITTER
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